Pattern Editor

Group Selected Tracks

Groups all tracks in Pattern Editor selection (Ctrl+G replacement)

Push Back

Liveish groove tool
3 Midi binds for Volume, Panorama and Delay values. These binds work as follows:
If edit step is 0, only current row is affected.
If edit step is bigger, e.g. 16, every 16th row from the current cursor position (and back up) in current pattern is affected.
If cursor is in a note column (Note, Octave, Instrument, V/P/D), only current note column is affected.
If cursor is in an effect column of a note track, every visible note column of current track is affected.


This tool adds some options for how the pattern editor edit step function behaves.

The tool has persistent options that are set through a dialog that can be found under Tools-menu. Note that using some options also require that you reassign your shortcut keys for row navigation. For more information, consult the brief manual and the tooltips on options-dialog.

V 1.4
-New compact gui scheme
-Renamed a wrapping option more consistently
-Added shortcuts for moving a single row (normal movement)
-revised the manual a bit

Clear Track

A simple script which adds four functions to Renoise that delete everything in a track, or column below, or above the cursor when invoked.

After installing, these four functions can be bound to a shortcut in the preferences under "Pattern Editor > Track Operations" and "Pattern Editor > Column Operations"


Allows for transposing notes within a scale or key.

I hope you enjoy this tool! Most of the code is taken from Note Editor (v.voois) and Scale Finder (Cly/Suva).


Transposer is a pattern editor that you can easily switch in and out of (assign it to a hotkey for easy access). When open, the following keys do the following to the editing pattern:

Escape: Exit transposer

Arrow keys: Move the cursor up / down the pattern, left and right moves column by column and flows over into the next track.

Note Editor

Allow literal text input of note column content on the current cursor position. Dialog does nothing, except catching the keys and routing them to the pattern editor. The tool also supports fast navigation options. You need to focus upon the dialog for this to work though.

Drum Processor

Glitch like pattern event processor.

Impulse Octave

This adds ten keybinds, one per octave, which allow one to directly edit the octave of notes under the cursor. It also takes into account the current edit step. The purpose is to emulate direct access to an octave column like we have in scream/schism/impulsetracker. I know many of us IT/ST fans out there have been somewhat lost without this capability :)

Dec-Hex Converter

This is a very simple hexadecimal-decimal converter to rapidly convert between these two number bases which are frequently used in Renoise.

Set selected track shortcuts

Adds MIDI/PC keyboard shortcuts to select tracks directly. Both types of mapping are filed under Pattern Editor:Track:Select Track #...


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