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SamRender is a small tool created by ulneiz to render and load the resulting wave into a specific sample. SamRender can render the entire song (Entire Song), a specific sequence range (Sequence Range) or a range of lines of a particular pattern (Lines in Pattern). It uses a temporary buffer to store a wav file, which it then loads into a sample to choose from.


PhraseTouch is an extensive complement for Renoise (v3.1.1 and future versions) created by ulneiz, that allows the multiple trigger of notes and phrases (simultaneously), among many other things, by deploying up to 16 panels of notes. It is compatible with OSC Server, has its own keyboard commands and is widely compatible with MIDI Input. It includes a elaborated Step Sequencer (16 or 32 steps), and a panel of 32 or 64 pads for favorite routed notes, FavTouch, specially designed for MIDI Pad controllers.

Unified Value Shift And Transpose

This tool provides you with an universal value shift and transpose functionality. It can shift/transpose note values, instrument numbers, panning, volume and it even can shift/move notes by delay values.

Track-pattern Comments

Track Pattern Comments is a variation on the Track Comments tool from fladd.

This tool adds a right-click menu item to the track-pattern menu. When selected, it looks to see if the current track pattern contains, someplace, a special fx entry. Such entries are of the form `NGxx` where `xx` is a hex value from 00 to FF.

That `xx` value is keyed to a comment stored within the song comments.

Neurogami SwapChop

Tool to automate the insertion of volume changes among a pair of adjacent note columns.

The idea is to add a series of volume command pairs so that the volumes of the two columns swaps back and forth.

Some explanation

Suppose you have a track with two note columns.

In the first you have a full-pattern sample playing some colossal beat.

In the second you have another colossal, but different, beat.

The goal is to switch between them during the playing of the pattern, with only one column audibly active at any given time.


ScaleMate offers quick access to the built-in instrument scales in Renoise, organized by the number of notes.

If the user-interface is visible, the currently set scale and key are shown there. Push a button to select. Alternatively, use the available keyboard shortcuts / MIDI mappings.

Whenever you select a scale or key, you can tell ScaleMate to write this into the pattern (technically, a MIDI command). This also works while recording, and allows you to switch scales on the fly.


This tool makes it easy to slice a sample from within the pattern editor. Use it to remix and re-arrange existing (rendered) songs, or to extract snippets.


This tool adds highly configurable pattern-data sorting to Renoise. You can sort notes by scope (selection in pattern/phrase, column/track in pattern, and more), using various sorting algorithms.

Place Selected Notes Evenly

Distributes the notes evenly in a selection block. Useful for quickly positioning notes in a rhythm (triplets, generating polyrhythm et c). A quick video demonstration is available at

"Place notes evenly" under "selection" when right clicking the pattern editor.

Pattern editor:Selection:Place notes evenly


PhraseMate aims to make it more convenient to work with phrases in Renoise, particularly if you prefer a keyboard-centric workflow. Copy phrases into the pattern editor, or vice versa, and make the tool insert "set phrase" commands (Zxx) automatically as you are entering notes into a song.

Source and documentation

Visit github to view the full documentation (also included with the download):


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