Renoise 3.1 goes gold

We're happy to announce that another round of beta testing has passed. Renoise 3.1 is ready for production.

Renoise 3.1


Mutant Breaks #8

Mutant Breaks; the exceptionally well disorganised annual Renoise competition has returned!! The rules are simple – submit a Renoise track between 3-7 minutes long, based on this year’s theme.

Renoise 3.1 beta-test has started

We are happy to announce that Renoise 3.1 is now in public beta. We would like to invite anyone with a Renoise license to download the software and try out its new features.

Renoise 3.1 Beta

Check out the full release notes here


The Renoise CDP Tool : An Installation Guide For Linux Users

Early in 2014 the excellent Create Digital Music/Motion news site published a brief notice regarding an interesting tool for the Renoise DAW. The tool incorporates the power of software created by the Composers Desktop Project (CDP), a collective of composers and programmers guided primarily by the work of Trevor Wishart.

The following presentation provides detailed instructions on installing the CDP software and subsequently installing the CDP Tool for Renoise.


Aria Rostami - Interview & Album Release

Aria Rostami has just released his latest album, Sibbe, through Audiobulb Records. We recently had a lengthy chat with this fascinating character about his background, influences and, of course, how he uses Renoise.


I Am Robot And Proud - Interview & Album Release

Based in Toronto, Canada, I Am Robot And Proud have been creating music since 2001. Their tenth album, "Light and Waves," has just been released. We interviewed the man behind the music, Shaw-Han Liem, to talk about this latest release and gain an insight into the various ways he uses Renoise creatively.


Renoise Redux VST/AU released

We're happy to announce that the Redux VST/AU plugin from Renoise is now available for Win/OSX/Linux.

Renoise Redux

Instrument-building: Electric Piano

In this tutorial we are going to create an authentic sounding electric piano in Renoise. Some of the topics covered: how to render samples from a plugin, layer sounds, cross-fade between keyzone layers and use the velocity-tracking devices for expressiveness


Renoise 3 goes gold

Another round of beta testing has passed, Renoise 3 is ready for production. A detailed description of what's new can be found on the Renoise 3.0 launch page.


Mutant Breaks #6 Recap

Mutant breaks is an unorganized and mostly unadvertised yearly contest where experimental breakbeat producers come together to judge and be judged - Then the votes are thrown out the window and winners are chosen through random, poorly enacted, performance art. Cash prizes!



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