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Write automation envelopes with the large rotary (also MIDI mappable) . Popup menus select the device and parameter that you want to automate. There is a third popup which lists the already automated parameters for quick selection too.

All parameter selections are synced with the renoise automation list.

Also has a grab function to quickly select plugin parameters from their GUIs.

Menu entries:


A simple but flexible tool to create automation curves.

Usage: select a range in the automation editor, right click on it and choose "Autobender..." from the menu. The curve is created in real time while you adjust the parameters.

Tags: Automation


An automation keyboard editor for fast and precise manipulation of automation points

Tags: Automation

Automation multiplier

This script adds a context menu entry to multiply the current automation curve by a given value.


A collection of experimental new new new ways to create Automation data.

Tags: Automation


Automasher is a tool to create complex automation curves. It works by assembling basic shapes, which you can combine using flexible parameters. There's also an option to make the curve match the notes in the corresponding track.

Tags: Automation

Batch Render

The Batch Render tool allows Renoise to automatically load and render a user specified list of songs.

Frontier AlphaTrack Support

The AlphaTrack tool for Renoise adds native support for the advanced features of the Frontier Designs AlphaTrack DAW controller.

A quick reference guide to the features and controls can be downloaded here.

Copy Automation

This tool makes it easy to copy and paste automation data for the complete song between different device parameters.

To access this tool, open the automation editor and do a right click on one of the automated parameters in the list. Once copied find your target parameter and do a right click again for pasting the data.


Observes track names and automatically assigns colors to tracks by predefined filter rules.
It's comparable to Reapers SWS auto color extension. How it works is best explained by example:

E.g. filter is: kick, snare, hihat, drums -> color red
E.g. filter is: synth[0-9], lead -> color green


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